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At Pizza Hut, we insist on natural ingredients and customer choice. That’s why we’ve created the world-famous bases and unique varieties loved by pizza fans everywhere. So our customers can create their very own pizzas, combining their favourite bases, toppings and dips!

World-famous bases

Pan baked:
Temptingly thick! Light and fluffy on the inside; golden and crunchy on the outside.


Thin ‘n Crispy:
A thin base with a deliciously crispy crust.

Traditional Dough.  Only family size.



Cheezy Crust:
The only pizza with delicious mozzarella cheese baked into the crust.
So good, you start each slice at the outside!

Philadelphia Crust:
Stuffed with Philadelphia cheese. Heavenly!


Cheesy Bites:
24 bites stuffed with delicious mozzarella cheese.

The new delicious Star from Pizza Hut with 12 craters full of fresh Philadelpia cream cheese.


Unique varieties

The ever-popular Lover's, Super special and Delight ranges – plus a host of exclusive Pizza Hut varieties - offer something for everyone, from classic and traditional to spicy and exotic.

Apart from delicious pizzas, Pizza Hut restaurants also have other great menu choices, from starters and garlic breads,to freshly made salads, delicious pasta al forno and irresistible desserts. Try our chicken wings with barbeque sauce, cheesy bread with melted mozzarella and garlic bread topped with melted mozzarella

Natural ingredients

Create your own pizza by choosing from a long list of delicious ingredients sourced from reliable quality suppliers. All the ingredients we use are natural and individually selected. They are chosen in accordance with the European Union’s strictest standards on quality and health.

The quality of Pizza Hut’s ingredients and final products is guaranteed through our Quality Assurance Department, which works with the Restaurant Operations Department to monitor and apply the standards we set.

Our main ingredients are sourced from HACCP-certified suppliers. Every year, a team from abroad and a team from Pizza Hut carry out an official audit to check that each supplier conforms to proper procedures and HACCP specifications. At the same time, the Quality Assurance Department makes regular visits to our suppliers’ production and storage facilities. In the case of ingredients that have to be kept refrigerated or frozen, temperatures are checked during delivery to our restaurants to ensure that they are maintained. The ingredients are then immediately transferred to the restaurant’s cold room or freezer, where they are kept at a stable temperature before being used.

The final products are checked by the four regional directors on a daily basis, and by the Quality Assurance Department. The best guarantee of the quality of the final products are our restaurant managers, their assistants and their staff. They are trained to be able to give our customers the finest quality product.
At the same time, all our restaurants are checked on a daily basis by the above departments to ensure that they comply with health, safety and operating standards.

Finally, communication among ourselves and with our customers is vital to our improvement. Both in our restaurants and at our customer service centre we have created a network of communication based on the principles of the "Complaint Management System" so that customers (restaurant/delivery) can make their views, problems and complaints known to us and we in turn can monitor and use them to improve the efficiency of our system.

For us, quality is non-negotiable.


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